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MDMA Sessions Vol 1 – Urban Nerds Birthday Warm Up

Another new podcast series but unlike the rest this will not be a monthly, but more a when ever the weather and when ever i have time. Though the response already is crazy and it isn’t even out yet lol (big up those secret societys who know) so maybe it will be a monthly who knows. Now its called MDMA Sessions, not because we encourage drug taking or endorse it, but for podcats like this you will have to be a lot to keep up.

Music Drops Part II


After a long arse week, yes LONG. Watch out for the What The Weekend Week post coming shortly as last week was just that, a long weekend. Here is today’s round up of music news  feature we like and your daily downloads of goodies in all genres and forms. P.S. Youtube sort out the videos 🙁 you slags…!!

We Miss Thee… B.I.G.


OK, we are a day late on this. Due to server upgrades we were unable to post last night but it seems this has been completed. So here is our B.I.G tribute in the form of DJ Drama and Ego Thieves favorite Cookin Soul. We love this mixtape so hence we bought it as for once its actually worth buying from here . So even though we are providing you with the download, please support and grab a hard copy of this where you can as its very worthy of your great British pounds (though im sure none of it actually goes to Biggies estate?).

Marsha Ambrosius – Yours Truly Mixtape


Yup, its here and shame on me for not posting it up a few days earlier. It is like the week before Xmas! Marsha comes with the big bangers with current super producer Don Cannon behind the wheels of steel and focus on the buttons, trust me its big. This is defo one to download, check out my fav track below. Only problem i have with Marsha is that she doesn’t remind people shes British! Maybe i should go and remind her with a Sunday roast or some shit..