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POP DUB 7 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

If I had a pound for every person who asked me where POP DUB 7 is I would be a rich man…well kinda rich lol. But here it is in it’s full glory. I Can’t believe the last one was so long ago! Time is flying here at the new Ego Thieves HQ, we have been beyond busy. This is a new direction for POP DUB, a bit darker, bit harder and a bit more mixed up. The reason behind this will be revealed next month and will all make sense.

Dirrrtee Ego – Mixed By Jenai

Dirrrtee Ego is a collaboration between Ego Thieves and clothing label A musical journey, highlighting some of the best tracks of the year all mixed by our very own Jenai. This was given away free at various events around london (Such as The Reset etc) but was never relased for public download on Ego Thieves…until now. 35 tracks from House to Garage, this is truly a non stop party mix.

Now as if free downloads and ten brand new mixes isn’t enough? Inside this download is an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT code to be used on Vaild for a month today, you can grab a huge 30% off when you spend only £35. Big ups to James at Dirrrtee and all the fam.

Subversive Sounds 1 – Mixed By DJ Excel

Subversive Sounds has landed. This is the new replacement of our Just House series. Deep, Tech, Tribal, Garage, House and more. Mixed by our very own DJ Excel, expect some real hard, deep and sensual vibes. Look out for some big collaborations with our boys over at Deep Teknologi too. We love House at Ego Thieves, and for everyone else that does… this is for you. Big ups.

Tomba – Disturbed [Exclusive]

Ego Thieves brings you yet another world exclusive! Brand new and only to be found right here, the bass crazy Tomba brings you his new mix called Disturbed. Warped bass, sub low wobbles and brain shaking sounds (and thats the polite way to describe it). Lots coming from Tomba from 2010 you can also check out his latest track here on Inspector Dubplates channel.

Tomba’s new EP ‘Freshly Squeezed Jews’ will be released on Borgores brand new website The Gorestore in just over a month. The EP will include Tombas smash track ‘The Goblin’ as well as Disturbed and a surprise track simply named Herpes. This will be full digital and vinyl release so don’t miss out….!

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