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Marsha Ambrosius – Yours Truly Mixtape


Yup, its here and shame on me for not posting it up a few days earlier. It is like the week before Xmas! Marsha comes with the big bangers with current super producer Don Cannon behind the wheels of steel and focus on the buttons, trust me its big. This is defo one to download, check out my fav track below. Only problem i have with Marsha is that she doesn’t remind people shes British! Maybe i should go and remind her with a Sunday roast or some shit..

Marsha Ambrosius feat. Busta Rhymes – Dat Shit


Marsha, if you ever get to read this know i actually love you, no joke ting! For people that know of Floetry, (and if you don’t know then click off this site and go educate yourself) you will be excited to hear that there are rumors of a pending release of a forthcoming, well overdue album. Listen to this track, i mean Hip Hop / Soul at its finest with no less than up and coming super producer DJ Cannon on the buttons. Her new mixtape ”Yours Truly” is set to drop some time in the early months of next year, which for me is a guaranteed purchase.