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Hush Ya Bumba & Dance!

A new mix from The Hush House family. Only just got round to downloading myself but im very sure its a banger if the last is anything to go by! If you enjoy Dubfluencial then trust this is right up your Bass Avenue. Make sure you go check out the boys and watch out for some special blog collabos coming soon! Special it bloody will be i tells ya! Now Hush up and dance…!

MDMA Sessions Vol 2 – Mixed By Jenai

I told you all i would do one for the summer 🙂 and thank god its actually sunny for a change. The last MDMA got a HUGE response and lots of love. Emails from DJ’s, Producers and fans insisting and rushing i do another one, so here it is.

Full of Grime, Garage, House, Electro, Dubstep, Fidget and erm anything else in between. If you was a fan of the first one I’m sure this will float your dam boat.

Cool Kids – Gone Fishing

Now i nearly forgot to post this up! Its been a mad busy week with us here at Thieves headquarters and next week should bring some nice updates for you and the month of June to come. In the mean time, this is classic Cool Kids. Sharp lyrics, low flows and lots of hard kicks and simple snares. Im a fan it must be said, event if its now not quite cool to be? Ironic huh. At least it isnt Charles Hamilton bless him…. 

Intelligent Hoodlum Vol Two – Love Dilla

Are you an Intelligent Hoodlum? What is an Intelligent Hoodlum? Well… its an individual who unlike many of the new artists around, (to mention a few such as Soulja Boy, lil Hurricane and even up and coming Charles Hamilton) appreciate and honor the past to create and evolve the future. Too many of the new generation of producers and artists these days in most genres but especially Hip Hop do not do their history and bow down to the creators of the very genre itself. You cant become a Doctor, Scientist, Director or Pilot for example without doing your history so why is music different and why does this new generation feel they can put down and slew their predecessors?

Dubfluencial Vol 2

Another Ego Thieves exclusive in the form of a Dubstep podcast mixed by Jenai. With exclusive tracks, 3 deck mixing and pure 320 sound, this is one not to miss. Once again this is a monthly series and be sure to register, because trust me Vol 3 is dirty, bad, stinky… Also remember the Ego Thieves DJ Team will be landing very soon, bringing you this shit in the flesh! For inquiry’s or bookings please contact us.

DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol 2

Ego Thieves is really picking up at a lightspeed pace! I get more and more emails everyday telling us how much they love our content, wish we did more and can we post up this and that. We are very fussy who we expose on our site as it comes with our seal of approval.

But yest DJ Cable emailed me this mix which is definatly Ego Thieves material and worthy a million times over.