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Kxngs – Sexy Bitch

Sprinkle-dusted bass right from the heart of Swindon, Kxngs has struck a real chord with the ET team. It offers a shovel full of floaty arps that has certainly helped us out of the weekend's slumber and there's plenty more of this dopeness to go...

A Mixtastical Update 2.0

First off sorry to all those who have been sending in mixes and thinking im airing you by not posting them. We just busy as some hot crack in Camden and trying to get through it. Here are some mixes from friends alike who want you to download and listen… all for free 🙂 A bit of Funky, a dollop of Grime, a smidgen of Dubstep and lots of bangers regardless. Life is good. Ten years ago you had to TKD this shit…! Long live the tinternet.

Music Drops Part II


After a long arse week, yes LONG. Watch out for the What The Weekend Week post coming shortly as last week was just that, a long weekend. Here is today’s round up of music news  feature we like and your daily downloads of goodies in all genres and forms. P.S. Youtube sort out the videos 🙁 you slags…!!

N.A.S.A.’s ‘Whatchudoin” Villains Remix


Im a sucker for the bass so when the duo only known as Villains are back with a remix of ‘Whatchudoin’ from N.A.S.A.’s new killer album. This tune features the mum to be MIA on the hook and that good old Spank rock on the verse. If you dont know about N.A.S.A then erm shame on your face. Their album dropped not but a week ago and features no less than Method Man, RZA, KRS One, Fatlip & Slim Kid, Chuck D, Kool Keith, The Cool Kids, Kanye West, Qbert and just an unbelievable amount of artists. You can buy it here or iTune your life. But for the record we so prefer the CD or anything hardcopy here at Ego Thieves.. why? Because you can actually have a hardcopy duh… plus if you download a download and no one is there to hear it did you really download it? (lol big up the shit chats 🙂 )