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A Mixtastical Update 2.0

First off sorry to all those who have been sending in mixes and thinking im airing you by not posting them. We just busy as some hot crack in Camden and trying to get through it. Here are some mixes from friends alike who want you to download and listen… all for free 🙂 A bit of Funky, a dollop of Grime, a smidgen of Dubstep and lots of bangers regardless. Life is good. Ten years ago you had to TKD this shit…! Long live the tinternet.

DJ C & lil Dave – Radio Signal

Got an email today from an old forum member (Big up the Uptown Records forum… RIP lol) lil Dave presenting me with his latest mix along side DJ C. Radio Signal is a promotional mix to showcase their new night they have over Cambridge ways at club Fez on Thursday 23rd July. This mix is full of lots of bangers and commercial tunes to get you heated up! Big up lil Dave and all the Cambridge crew, also my Cabinet family down there. I will be attending this rave so hope to see a few of you there 🙂