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POP Goes Dubfluencial 3

POP! Goes Dubfluencial 3 is here already…! What started out as me trying to snub the forums and bloggers by showcasing all the commercial sounding, Dubstep/Bass as allot of them hated them, has now turned into a mini series with a huge fan base all of its own.

Many established and long term followers may slew and put down this type of mix and tracks. But the fact is this mix draws in allot of people with tracks they already know but with a twist. Most people then go on to download the Dubfluencial mixes and delve deeper to then go on to download Dubfluence mixes and get into the likes of Burial, Breakage, Synkro etc.

Tekstep – Digital Trash Talk [Exclusive]

2009 was the year the Ego landed, this year we get big headed. To kick off the exclusives for 2010 we have a mix here from Tekstep. Their own twist on Dubstep, from original remixes to exclusive tracks and their own crazy digital outlook on music. Its hard, techy, grungy and full of a disgusting amount of bass. If you love them and you love this mix then sign up to Ego Thieves using the sidebar.


Love it or hate it, POP! Goes Dubfluencial 2 is here….! The last mix had a very varied response, some of disgust and worry about where Dubstep is going and some with complete joy that Dubstep is breaking out of the Underground and creating new and exciting music. Either way we love it all and we bring you the latest version with an update of what tracks are being remixed, dropped and popped!

With original tracks coming the like of Kelis and Crookers to classic like Mr Postman getting a bassed up refix there’s plenty to keep you interested and or ashamed lol. If your new to Dubstep, this might be a good place to start. Get familiar with songs you already know and then grow to the more organic and dirty sound. Its very much a Dubstep 101 entry point. Make sure you all support the artists, producers and promoters because with them we would have nothing at all.


If you didn’t know, we been a bit missing recently. But its all for a good reason, and in two weeks time you will know why. Big up to those that know and giving us loads of amazing feedback… cannot wait! Lots of new mixes coming, we haven’t slowed down, if anything we have only just begun. Quick big ups to the many many followers and supporters who have got us where we are in just 6 short month.

From 50k page-views a month on average now, 10k unique visitors on average, well over 200k downloads and impossible to really count anymore, hundreds of forums and blogs showing us love, people re upping mixes on rapidshare, torrents, newgroups lol just everywhere (even though they are always free on here 😛 ) we thank you all and we love you long time… init.


Mr Monsta is a fav of the Ego Thieves team and is back with a brand new mix of goodies in a jar. All his own production… yes his own! Which most producers couldn’t do these days and even if they did no one would want to hear it. Silly amount of tracks and each track as good as the last. Watch out forhis new EP dropping soon and be sure to see him DJ in the flesh in and around the country. Purchase his current bangers here and if you missed his exclusive on Dubfluencial 7 then get to downloading.