If you didn’t know, we been a bit missing recently. But its all for a good reason, and in two weeks time you will know why. Big up to those that know and giving us loads of amazing feedback… cannot wait! Lots of new mixes coming, we haven’t slowed down, if anything we have only just begun. Quick big ups to the many many followers and supporters who have got us where we are in just 6 short month.

From 50k page-views a month on average now, 10k unique visitors on average, well over 200k downloads and impossible to really count anymore, hundreds of forums and blogs showing us love, people re upping mixes on rapidshare, torrents, newgroups lol just everywhere (even though they are always free on here 😛 ) we thank you all and we love you long time… init.

For now here is a lil ting i threw together for the new Urban Nerds night for the Halloween weekender. If you don’t know what im talking about click here and get your tickets. Its going to be crazy…! Better get your costume game on as well cause we gota a lil suttin going on yaaaaa erd. Myself and Random Impulse will be giving you something special as its our first live show together reppin Ego Thieves. Expect to see us out there allot more as we have teamed up as a duo now, along with Sem dropping guest shows now and then throwing down a live special using his production skills. We are officially going to smash the club scene like…. kick…..smash, along them lines der.

This mix is a mash up of lots of tracks you do know, and lots of tracks you really dont. A big bunch of random tracks all mixed up, just like a good Urban Nerds night. This is just a tiny taster of things to come on the night so make sure you grab your tickets… oh and before i forget, no costume will cost you more on the bloody door.


1: Take Me Away – Tyrese (CORI Bmore Club remix)2: Green Light – Footsteps3: Bang (Decibel Gang Bang rmx) – Rye Rye

4: Jack Got Jacked – Jack Beats (Thrills Dubstep Remix)

5: Sem & Sheldrake – Lock Off [EXCLUSIVE]

6: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk (Diplo Remix)

7: Pun De Floor – Major Lazer [EXCLUSIVE EGO THIEVES LIVE MIX]

8: Mr. Muscles Hype – DJ Cable Vs. Tempa T & Rusko

9: Aint Here To Party – B. Rich

10: The Weirdo – Sticky K

11: Dancing In The Dark VIP – OlliE! & Bare Noize

12: Automatic (Douster Africa remix) – Monsieur Monsieur

13: Ego Bandits – Electronically Sexed [EXCLUSIVE]

14: Township Spunk – Stenchman

15: Twist  – Maniac (MelloTheque Remix)

16: Rocker – Giant

17: Beyond Words – Witty Boy (Dark Mix)

18: Rain – Mr Figz


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  • daniel pyecroft
    December 2, 2009 8:22 pm

    wot a set of tunes these are, sik man. SHEFFIELD

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