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Tekstep – Digital Trash Talk [Exclusive]

2009 was the year the Ego landed, this year we get big headed. To kick off the exclusives for 2010 we have a mix here fromĀ Tekstep. Their own twist on Dubstep, from original remixes to exclusive tracks and their own crazy digital outlook on music. Its hard, techy, grungy and full of a disgusting amount of bass. If you love them and you love this mix then sign up to Ego Thieves using the sidebar.

Dubfluencial 7 – Desk Full Of Bass

I feel sad and quite shameful because many have emailed asking have we gone and left the Ego Thieves ship and sailed away on our ship full of songs. This my good friends is not the case. Its been the Summer (Well as much as a British Summer permits!) and during this time many of us are just way too busy. With myself doing many secret projects which in the next few months will all finally be revealed along side lots of BBQs and deep fried halloumi.