Mr Monsta is a fav of the Ego Thieves team and is back with a brand new mix of goodies in a jar. All his own production… yes his own! Which most producers couldn’t do these days and even if they did no one would want to hear it. Silly amount of tracks and each track as good as the last. Watch out forhis new EP dropping soon and be sure to see him DJ in the flesh in and around the country. Purchase his current bangers here and if you missed his exclusive on Dubfluencial 7 then get to downloading.

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.:: Tracklist ::. 

1- The Unidentified
2- The Monsta’s Twitch
3- Mad Man’s Creation
4- B.R.O.C.K O.U.T
5- Fat Girl Rodeo
6- AntiChrist
7- Can You Guess What It Is Yet?
8- Change Your Heart
9- Dont Touch That!
10- Me Want Cookie
11- Nipple Twist
12- Mr Ragga
13- Disco Biscuit
14- Mean Machine
15- I Know Jutistu
16- Fresh
17- Infinate Powers
18- Skills
19- The Screamer
20- Bare Knuckle
21- You Can Do It (Slap Head Mix)
22- Swamp monsta
23- Blurgh!
24- Dirty Monsta
25- Symphony Skank
26- More than just A Wobble
27- Double Drip Drop
28- Lost It
29- 3rd Leg
30- Fixed Penalty! I Was Like RAH!
31- Reverb Sex
32- Inner Thoughts
33- Just Blaze
34- To Hell and Back
35- Electronic Psycho

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Comments: 6

  • essc831
    February 10, 2010 6:54 pm

    i cant download this

  • km124
    April 20, 2010 12:05 pm

    Love Cookie Monsta
    gnarly tunes goin on there bro

  • Kiz
    April 20, 2010 6:56 pm

    takes an hour to download though :L

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