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Nosaj Thing – Drift Special Japan Set Mix

Jason Chung (Nosaj being Jason backwards) was inspired at an early age by the hip-hop radio stations that the bus driver would play on his way to elementary school, and particularly by the Beat Junkies’ turntablism on Power 106. When growing up he began to...

Mindelixir – The Singularity Is Near

The second part to our ‘World Exclusive’ bought to you by US based producer / DJ, Mindelixir. If you haven’t checked out the post just a few below to preview and download tracks from his debut album then do so now. Once you have done that now click inside this post to download the latest mix from the man himself which you will only find her at Ego Thieves.com.

Lots of gritty, sublow, melodic tracks to keep your neck cranking and your bassface as tight as its ever been. With tracks from Mindelixir, DZ, Skream, Decree and more… this is a mix not to pass up.

Mindelixir Twitter // Facebook // Myspace // Website

Jenailution – Flying Lotus

I hope you enjoy this first installment from the modern day genius that is Flying Lotus. A mix between his older more Hip Hop influenced sounds, to his current experimental Electronica that is as hard to explain as it is to produce. My fav collection from him bar none. His older Hip Hop stuff is just amazing! Allot of people wont of heard allot of these I’m sure.

Tekstep – Digital Trash Talk [Exclusive]

2009 was the year the Ego landed, this year we get big headed. To kick off the exclusives for 2010 we have a mix here from Tekstep. Their own twist on Dubstep, from original remixes to exclusive tracks and their own crazy digital outlook on music. Its hard, techy, grungy and full of a disgusting amount of bass. If you love them and you love this mix then sign up to Ego Thieves using the sidebar.