A Mixtastical Update 2.0

First off sorry to all those who have been sending in mixes and thinking im airing you by not posting them. We just busy as some hot crack in Camden and trying to get through it. Here are some mixes from friends alike who want you to download and listen… all for free 🙂 A bit of Funky, a dollop of Grime, a smidgen of Dubstep and lots of bangers regardless. Life is good. Ten years ago you had to TKD this shit…! Long live the tinternet.

Deep Teknologi Mix 3.0

Don’t worry, we are still here. Lots of behind the scenes work going on. Look out for the DJ gigs from myself, new header (which the feedback has been nuts!) and just a shit loads more info over the weekend. For now here is a brand new mix from super duper label Deep Teknologi. Its version 3.0 already and this is one never to disappoint. Lots of deep and beautiful house that has been mixed by S.E.F. There isn’t a track-list, simply because half of this you cant buy and isn’t even named yet. Big up the whole Deep Teknologi family… watch out for the launch party coming Nov. When i design the flyer will bang it up lol.

Just House Vol 4

Its actually been a lil while since we did a Just House. Reason being is we wanted to make sure it was going in the right direction. We do love a bit of Funky House don’t get me wrong, but its quickly been taken into a direction we aren’t really happy to follow as much these days. We love what people like Marcus Nasty is playing, that right combination of Deep, Soulful and a few uplifting bangers in between with a cheeky hint of MC for those sing-a-long moments.

Rossi B & Luca 2009 Mix

Right, for starters Rossi B & Luca are the baddest of bad and by far the best DJ tag team in this country. Though Rossi is my boy i say that as a DJ as well as a Gooner. They have (9 months later…! Slacking isn’t the word!) finally released their first mix of 2009 and though its 9 months late it still puts most mixes to shame. With their classic style of no style they play anything and everything from Funky House, Old Skool Garage, Dubstep. Drum & Bass and more along side the odd cut of Luca’s scratching.

Urban Nerds Carnival Special

Its nearly that time again! Can’t believe its been a year since the last Carnival special… time is no joke. August is usually my fav month of the year. Not because its my Birthday 🙂 but because the Sun is usually shining and it remind me of those badman days of 6 weeks holidays. Well if like me your reministant of those past days, Urban Nerds is the best place to relive that fun but with allot more bass! With legends MJ Cole & DJ Zinc doing some big sets, there’s also the return of Mumdance, Mampi Swift and allot more. At a secret East London venue soon to be revealed and early bird tickets going for just £8 you can buy here. You would be dumb to miss it. Wurd.

Electzilla – Episode 2

Here it is and eagerly awaited it seems. Ive had as always lots of emails and a fair few of them asking for the Dirty Electro fix! The first one was a stompa (get it?) and the second has not disappointed. Lots of exclusives, tracks you know and tracks you don’t which are mixed to perfection by Ego Thieves DJ, I Am Kane.

We have to say a quick sorry for the delay, as some know our website was down again due to exceeding our bandwidth. Though thats a bitch to be down for a few hours, its most defiantly a good thing as our views and visits continue to rise and go through the roof.