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Urban Nerds Carnival Special

Its nearly that time again! Can’t believe its been a year since the last Carnival special… time is no joke. August is usually my fav month of the year. Not because its my Birthday 🙂 but because the Sun is usually shining and it remind me of those badman days of 6 weeks holidays. Well if like me your reministant of those past days, Urban Nerds is the best place to relive that fun but with allot more bass! With legends MJ Cole & DJ Zinc doing some big sets, there’s also the return of Mumdance, Mampi Swift and allot more. At a secret East London venue soon to be revealed and early bird tickets going for just £8 you can buy here. You would be dumb to miss it. Wurd.

Raped By Bass – Vol 3 Mixed By Rattus Rattus


Big up sir Rattus from my Urban Nerds familar! This is Vol 3 in the series. With over 35 tracks, hard mixing and plenty bass fo yo face, your iPod is gay not to have it. Visit the man himself here also the Urban Nerds site for more info. And remember our ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ feature is coming soon.