Dirg Gerner – My Queen

The mysterious figure of Dirg Gerner is still a faceless anomaly to most, but the HoTep Records signee has soulfully meandered a way into the hearts of those at ET HQ. Probably first noticed via a collaboration with London-based mastermind, fLako, on a track called...

The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence

Brand new and hot off the press, 'Echoes Of Silence' the third instalment from Indie R&B artist, 'The Weeknd' is out now to download. People have been waiting patiently for this and we hope it doesn't disappoint, which for his fans we are pretty sure it won't (sadly lots of...

Mixes Reupped Part One

Its been a crazy first week of relaunch. Just a quick note to all who downloaded and signed up, big ups to all of you and trust we appreciate your support. Ive had allot of emails an contacts asking for a few reups of older mixes and broken links. This was all due to the Ministry Of Sound madness that happened but now we have reupped all the back catalog. So no more MediaFire (for now lol), you can download them all direct and fast using our private server. We know theres still a few outstanding but we will get them up as soon as possible. Any problems leave a comment will sort it =]

Intelligent Hoodlum Vol 3 – I Love The 90s

As the summer glimmers in the near distance i can never help myself but reminisce of my childhood, which for me was the 1990’s. When R&B was badder than bad and ever fresh and evolving ( and yes, right now its very poor!). This is part one of a special series i will be doing over the summer, celebrating the vast amount of amazing music i grew up with. Starting with R&B, here is 20 tracks including some early 90s tracks some slow jams and some New Jack Swing. Montel Jordan, SWV, Ginuwine, 112, Aaliyah and lots more its defiantly an education in good music.

Music Drops Part II


After a long arse week, yes LONG. Watch out for the What The Weekend Week post coming shortly as last week was just that, a long weekend. Here is today’s round up of music news  feature we like and your daily downloads of goodies in all genres and forms. P.S. Youtube sort out the videos 🙁 you slags…!!