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Electzilla – Episode 4

Well its 6am, I should be asleep but my brain wont let me for reasons you wish not know. So I thought what better way to distract my thoughts than to bang up the new Electzilla mix. Full of wobble, fidgety, sublow and jump up bass. Featuring the likes of A1 BasslineBuraka Som SistemaUdachi and more. Its not for the light hearted and not made for small systems. Play it loud and don’t be shy to show how low your skank can go =]

Music Drops Part II


After a long arse week, yes LONG. Watch out for the What The Weekend Week post coming shortly as last week was just that, a long weekend. Here is today’s round up of music news  feature we like and your daily downloads of goodies in all genres and forms. P.S. Youtube sort out the videos 🙁 you slags…!!

Music Drops Part I


Hi all, here is part one of the daily round ups. First being music.. you will find downloads, news, info and everything else in between we have found for the day all in one convenient post. This means we don’t waste lots of posts doing what most other blogs/magazine sites do just to fill the site up. We would rather concentrate on original content 🙂