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Dubfluencial 11 – Mixed By The Ego Thieves

Things have been manic at Ego Thieves, DJing all over the place and visiting the world on both sides of the pond have made it a tad hard to keep the mixes flowing as much as we would like but FINALLY ‘Dubfluencial 11 – Press Start’ is here.

Its been a fair few months since the last and just because of that we have a bumper edition right here! 30 tracks, yes thats not a mistype, with a huge amount of exclusives. Cycling through the vast variations the Dubstep sound now has to offer, we always trying to bring you a bit of everything. Some Ego Thieves favorites are back with the likes of Stinkahbell, Mojo, Psyam, The Widdler, Cookie Monsta and many more, as well as a few fresh new faces of course that im sure will soon be Dubstep household names.

Dubfluencial 10 – Mixed By The Ego Thieves

Dubfluencial 10 aka Enter The Dub has landed. Its been a fair few months since the last one and nothings changed. Mixed by the Ego Thieves (Jenai & Drama), expect lots of hard, soulful and some of the dirtiest bass around. Dubstep has gained huge popularity which is making it more appealing to new producers. Lots im afraid are not making the cut.

We love our midrange sound, but we also love quality control. Here is our pick of what sound we love, a whole variety of it. Huge exclusives from the likes of Borgore, Funtcase, Stinkahbell, Roksonix, J.Rabbit and more, this is a mix not to be missed. Please note it is not for the feint hearted or made for laptop speakers. Go find yourself a dirty big system, or sneakily plug it in at your local Dixons store, and get yourself skanking out like never before.

POP! Dub 4 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

Here is POP! Goes Dubfluencial 4 (Or Pop Dub for short). We are increasing the amount of tracks we put into our mixes now to bring you an even bigger, more Egotastic (cheesy I know..) experience.

Also this is our first official mix with a wallpaper pack. All super high quality for loads of diff screen sizes as well as a bonus iPhone version for your pixel pleasure. The artwork again is a collaboration between myself and fellow Ego Thief JC Adams.

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Dubfluencial 9 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

Dubfluencial 9 is here..! Been a bit of a delay on this one, this is only due to us pushing Ego Thieves into new territories and a team shuffle.

Download this highly anticipated mix full of lots of bass from allot of usual suspects and a few you may not know including a few tasty exclusives. Of course you can show your support by joining one or all of the following. Remember to support the music and buy it where ever you can or go see them live.

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POP Goes Dubfluencial 3

POP! Goes Dubfluencial 3 is here already…! What started out as me trying to snub the forums and bloggers by showcasing all the commercial sounding, Dubstep/Bass as allot of them hated them, has now turned into a mini series with a huge fan base all of its own.

Many established and long term followers may slew and put down this type of mix and tracks. But the fact is this mix draws in allot of people with tracks they already know but with a twist. Most people then go on to download the Dubfluencial mixes and delve deeper to then go on to download Dubfluence mixes and get into the likes of Burial, Breakage, Synkro etc.