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DZA – Zoo Keeper

Russia is known for many things. The best Vodka in the world, very cold weather and not so great home made cars lol. But one thing it should be known for is the very Russian beats of DZA. Incorporating his unique blend of scattered loops and 8bit...

Dubfluencial 6 – Summer Full Of Sub

[wp_announce_marquee]Well if your counting this is technically episode 7, but thats only for the hardcore followers which there seems to be allot considering we have hit over 100k downloads! Thanks to all for the amazing emails and shows of love for all the mixes. Here is the latest edition of Dublfuencial. Bass? Check. Sub? Check. 320 kbps? Check. Its now become a standard and we have not disappointed you.

This is full of hard summer bass to help make this summer a memorable one. Whether your on holiday, at the beach or hitting the park (Well when the sun wants to even show its yellow bastard face!) this mix will quench your thirst for Bass.

MDMA Sessions Vol 2 – Mixed By Jenai

I told you all i would do one for the summer 🙂 and thank god its actually sunny for a change. The last MDMA got a HUGE response and lots of love. Emails from DJ’s, Producers and fans insisting and rushing i do another one, so here it is.

Full of Grime, Garage, House, Electro, Dubstep, Fidget and erm anything else in between. If you was a fan of the first one I’m sure this will float your dam boat.

Dubfluencial 4 – Bass Origins

Dubfluencial 4 is finally here. Firstly, I’m sorry for the week delay but its been a hard, long and tedious few weeks as well as fun, busy and exciting. This edition quite obviously paying accolade to one of the best comic book characters ever… Wolverine. With the new movie out this weekend  we thought it only right that he grace our front cover. This mix is also packed full of hard slashing beats (see what i did there? jokes alie…) ready to cut up your face, with bass of course. Featuring Rusko, Skream, Tek Step, Joker, Kromestar, Caspa, Jayou and more, this is not to be missed. Watch out for 4.5 coming this weekend 😉

Incnic :: Raav Mix

Twitter has many uses, knowing what certain people eat for breakfast and how many times they shit in a day isnt one of them. But recently we have had some really nice followers. As most know i don’t just allow anyone to follow us and am constantly deleting the bots/crap/idiots that try to add themselves to the chain. Today however someone called Nic Hamilton decided to follow so as im only polite i clicked his website shown on his Twitter and found a very nice mix. Not the best mixing skills notably, but a very nice selection of tracks and has been put straight on the HTC.