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Dubfluence 5 – Mixed By Jenai

We are proud to present you with Dubfluence 5. We are taking Dubfluence in a new direction. We are expanding the music in the mix, no longer just restricted to the ‘deep’ and ‘organic’ sounds of Dubstep. We are adding more ‘Future Garage’, ‘Post Dubstep’ and some ‘Deep House’. With tracks from James Blake, Zomby and SBTRKT along side newcomers such as Skanky, Figgy and more, this is a mix series we really love at the ET HQ.

Dubfluence 4 – Mixed By Jenai

Dubfluence has to be one of my first loves on Ego Thieves (Even if I say so myself). The debate on many a forum on what is Dubstep and what is not is so beyond tedious its a joke. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love all aspects of Dubstep. I love to go out and DJ and drop some nasty mid range wobble, some dirty Subs and some, just out there crazy tunes.

Then I love to come home, grab some food, pick up my Macbook and chill out to the amazing musical talents that Is Burial, James Blake, Phaeleh and more. This mix is full of Deep vibes, lots of Soul and lots of Sub. Don’t listen to it on your laptop…bring out the big speakers or get those headphones on and enjoy.

Dubfluence 3 – Mixed By Jenai

I love that so many always ask me when the new Dubfluence is going to drop. It goes to show that most who like the hard, face shrinking bass are exactly the same people who appreciate and love the organic, deeper sound of Dubstep just like we do.

Here is Dubfluence 3, full of beautiful bass and just simply, amazing music all mixed by myself of course. Also Dubfluence is now all grown up and this artwork represents the first in a series of dedicated themes for each series. The artwork represents the depths and emotion of Dubstep, something more organic and natural (there is always a science behind what we do lol).

Mixes Reupped Part One

Its been a crazy first week of relaunch. Just a quick note to all who downloaded and signed up, big ups to all of you and trust we appreciate your support. Ive had allot of emails an contacts asking for a few reups of older mixes and broken links. This was all due to the Ministry Of Sound madness that happened but now we have reupped all the back catalog. So no more MediaFire (for now lol), you can download them all direct and fast using our private server. We know theres still a few outstanding but we will get them up as soon as possible. Any problems leave a comment will sort it =]


The last Dubfluence had a massive reception, so much so it was even published on Japanese super blog Back To Chill and given 4 out of 5 star rating. Some people seem to think Dubstep is now divided, that you either love the hard jump up bass sound which is considered cheesy to some or you love the organic deep sound which is the rightful Dubstep. Im here to show you that is not the case at all. I love both, and i support and follow both.

I wish i could do more Dubfluence mixes but the tracks don’t come thick and fast enough. I will be featuring allot of the producers on these mixes from the likes of Burial, Widdler, Heny G and more. They deserve your support as much as the next. But for the Dubstep ‘community’ to place a stigma on people and portray the scene as you either listen to ‘real’ Dubstep or you don’t is just plain stupid and wrong.