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Nangdo – Yes Again

From the depths of Groningen, Holland and relatively undercover comes Nangdo with this swisher of a beat; loosely hanging drum beat sways under a sweetly chorded sample and fuzzed bass. Yes, again....

Enjoyed – Paws (Vanilla Remix)

This track is nearly six months old and it upset's us that it's only has 606 plays. This is definitely a track to be heard by everyone, it gives us those Dilla chills and we're sure it will give you them too! Released on the label...

Odd Future – NY

Another day and another video to accompany the new Odd Future Vol 2 mixtape dropping March 20th. Also, lets not forget their North American tour starts this Friday (March 9th 2012). Oh, and just because we love it so fucking much…click inside the post to watch the ‘Rella’ video just one more time. Who though they would been even more dangerous with some cash injections?