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Ghostpoet @ Momo

My talented friend Mr Ghostpoet is going to be performing at Momo. Now lots and lots of you will not of heard Ghostpoets music, but trust me he is very much going to make you aware pretty soon. I thought instead of me trying to break down his sound I will let you hear a track of his so check it now right under the flyer below. You can catch myself and some of the Ego Thieves camp there fo sho.

Oh, and please watch out for the redonkulously exclusive mixtape from Ghostpoet and the Ego Thieves. You have been warned.

Ghostpoet’s Twitter // Myspace // Blog

Urban Nerds – Valentines x Snowboming

It’s Feb already, jeeze. Year is already flying by, but we are only getting warmed up. Look out for loads of event news, first up is Urban Nerds. Back for a valentines affair but this time bringing it to you in a new secret warehouse in the depths of Hackney. Its to celebrate this ‘apparent’ day of love without all the pretense bullshit. Get your glad rags on, tweak that hat to the right angle and get to skanking.

DJ IQ – Flashing Lights

Big up my boy Mr IQ dropping his latest creation Flashing Lights! Now i don’t have the CD yet but will be grabbing one this week to support. What i can tell you though is its 17 tracks Featuring Ramson Badbonez, Hey Zeus, Kashmere, Jehst, Stac, Joker Starr, Micall Parknsun, Professor Green, Gen, Sonny Jim, Pride, TB, Asaviour, Eva Lazurus with production and beats by DJ IQ, The Mighty Hoax, Joker, Hudson Mo, Samiyam, Kid Sublime and more.


Fancy dress is a MUST, i repeat, its a must. If you come in your plains you will be laughed at and maybe even egged who knows, but what i do know is it will cost you more if your not. With the regulars Rattus Rattus, Klose One, DJ Drama, those Men In Masks and for the first time ever live in the flesh myself and Random Impulse from the Ego Thieves have teamed up to bring you a set not to be missed with a few tricks up our sleeve too. I cant wait…!  Weekend wrist bands for £10 only! Buy them here. Also confirm on the Facebook guest list here.

Urban Nerds Carnival Special

Its nearly that time again! Can’t believe its been a year since the last Carnival special… time is no joke. August is usually my fav month of the year. Not because its my Birthday 🙂 but because the Sun is usually shining and it remind me of those badman days of 6 weeks holidays. Well if like me your reministant of those past days, Urban Nerds is the best place to relive that fun but with allot more bass! With legends MJ Cole & DJ Zinc doing some big sets, there’s also the return of Mumdance, Mampi Swift and allot more. At a secret East London venue soon to be revealed and early bird tickets going for just £8 you can buy here. You would be dumb to miss it. Wurd.