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The Reset – Don’t You Dare Miss It

As most know im British to the bone regardless of my background or origin! The state of our beloved country is dire, along with the rest of the world. So why not come down to The Reset and support your local and home grown fashion labels. If you have never purchased any (Boy Better Know does not count, no) homegrown clothing before, prepare to be shocked.

Urban Nerds 2nd Birthday Aftermath!

If you wasn’t there, shame shame know your name. If you was thank you for coming down and Im sure that goes for the whole Nerds team. It was a bad night with allot of eager ravers and allot of good vibes. Was very different from the usual Nerds scenario as it was set in a 3 room warehouse (which was confusing at times lol). Big up our Urban Nerds family who worked very hard at putting the night together.