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Ghostpoet @ Momo

My talented friend Mr Ghostpoet is going to be performing at Momo. Now lots and lots of you will not of heard Ghostpoets music, but trust me he is very much going to make you aware pretty soon. I thought instead of me trying to break down his sound I will let you hear a track of his so check it now right under the flyer below. You can catch myself and some of the Ego Thieves camp there fo sho.

Oh, and please watch out for the redonkulously exclusive mixtape from Ghostpoet and the Ego Thieves. You have been warned.

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Turn Off The Radio – July 09

It was hot…! Not just because the venue was obviously feeling the credit crunch and decided to not just turn off the Radio but also the air conditioning and any possible fan they had. But that didn’t stop the vibes, but did create a ‘Turkish Bath’ of energy and music. Guest’s such as Ghostpoet, who i have never heard  before, was a breath of fresh air in a style of Hip Hop Ive not heard before…! You must check him out.