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Dubfluencial 9 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

Dubfluencial 9 is here..! Been a bit of a delay on this one, this is only due to us pushing Ego Thieves into new territories and a team shuffle.

Download this highly anticipated mix full of lots of bass from allot of usual suspects and a few you may not know including a few tasty exclusives. Of course you can show your support by joining one or all of the following. Remember to support the music and buy it where ever you can or go see them live.

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Borgore – Nympho

What can I say about this crazy fucker. He makes me laugh, skank draw for my bass face all at the same time. I have been playing his shit before you even knew what a Gorestep was. Now he is set to drop his new EP which is controversially named ‘Borgore Ruined Dubstep’. Its going to be huge & of course you will get to know about it right here as soon as its ready.

For now, here is a viral video with a tiny snippet of the track to following smash bangers Ice Cream and Love. Its called Nympho. If your offended leave now, and if you are offended why are you even here? Watch, enjoy and get ready to get your gore on.

Dubflencial 8 – A Planet Explorer

Big ups to the masses emailing, tweeting, texting and even those rare few who have my number even ringing me to ask when the next Dubfluencial is coming out.

Well here is Dubfluencial 8[PE] – A Planet Explorer mixed by Jenai. This is a very special edition for a few reasons. Last one of the year, first one for nearly three months (has it been that long :S ?), lots of special bangers with some tasty exclusives and a special collaboration of artwork from myself, JC Adams (Ape Apparel) and David Kelly. The theme is based of course on our Ape Apparel clothing range which is soon to be transformed for next year into something special, like you have never seen before. So we sent our Ape Hunter out to explore the vast universe for something new, strange and out of this world.

Borgore – Goresteps Most Hated

An Ego Thieves world exclusive…! We bring you Borgore’s brand new mix. If your not familiar with Borgore then where have you been? Certainly not on this site. We have been spinning Borgore tracks way back from Dubfluencial 3..! His unique sounds of Dubstep, Rock and Hip Hop have inspired him to come up with his Gorestep sound. He isn’t trying to create his own genre, he is just doing what he loves best and mixing up all these sounds up into one big head fuck with a large dose of bass.

Hailing from the land of Israel, Borgore is taking over the globe with his DJ gigs and tracks. Recently just come off a US tour and just about to embark on a UK Tour from next week (check out the tour dates HERE) there seems to be nothing that can stop him. Of course when you do something new and different people are quick to hate… but that doesn’t phase him at all which is exactly why he decided to drop his new mix to us because after all, we are here to steal your ego.

POP! Goes Dubfluencial – Drink The Bass!

Now im very sure this mix will cause some controversy  amongst the whats ‘Dubstep’ whats not ‘Dubstep’ debate. Its just a one off special called POP! Goes Dubfluencial which focuses on some of the more commercial tracks that have had the ‘Dubstep/Bass’ make over. Some consider these tunes to cheapen the true roots and sounds of Dubstep. Whats yours?. I love Dubstep not, just because its all about hard bass etc but the fact its turned into something no other Genre has managed to really do. Your allowed, with or without scrutiny to produce what you want and still have the same audiences appreciation.

Dubfluencial 7 – Desk Full Of Bass

I feel sad and quite shameful because many have emailed asking have we gone and left the Ego Thieves ship and sailed away on our ship full of songs. This my good friends is not the case. Its been the Summer (Well as much as a British Summer permits!) and during this time many of us are just way too busy. With myself doing many secret projects which in the next few months will all finally be revealed along side lots of BBQs and deep fried halloumi.