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Borgore – Nympho

What can I say about this crazy fucker. He makes me laugh, skank draw for my bass face all at the same time. I have been playing his shit before you even knew what a Gorestep was. Now he is set to drop his new EP which is controversially named ‘Borgore Ruined Dubstep’. Its going to be huge & of course you will get to know about it right here as soon as its ready.

For now, here is a viral video with a tiny snippet of the track to following smash bangers Ice Cream and Love. Its called Nympho. If your offended leave now, and if you are offended why are you even here? Watch, enjoy and get ready to get your gore on.

Borgore – Goresteps Most Hated

An Ego Thieves world exclusive…! We bring you Borgore’s brand new mix. If your not familiar with Borgore then where have you been? Certainly not on this site. We have been spinning Borgore tracks way back from Dubfluencial 3..! His unique sounds of Dubstep, Rock and Hip Hop have inspired him to come up with his Gorestep sound. He isn’t trying to create his own genre, he is just doing what he loves best and mixing up all these sounds up into one big head fuck with a large dose of bass.

Hailing from the land of Israel, Borgore is taking over the globe with his DJ gigs and tracks. Recently just come off a US tour and just about to embark on a UK Tour from next week (check out the tour dates HERE) there seems to be nothing that can stop him. Of course when you do something new and different people are quick to hate… but that doesn’t phase him at all which is exactly why he decided to drop his new mix to us because after all, we are here to steal your ego.