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We Are Ego Thieves… Not Pirates!

Ok, as of this moment in time, at 2pm on Friday 11th September 2009. You cannot download any of our exclusive in house mixes. Why? Well according to Servage Hosting (who just hosts our download as we have had this server for a good while now, but they do NOT host Ego Thieves website) they where sent a DMCA as far as we know on 2009-09-10 17:10:48 GMT by on behalf of MINISTRY OF SOUND (incl. HED KANDI / HARD2BEAT / GLOBAL UNDERGROUND / KISS).

Star Wars Does Snatch

Nope, not some kind of porn film parody! Just a quick video that made a fair few of us laugh over the weekend. Quite late on this but oh well, just posting this up in the mean time as tomorrow we have new Dubfluencial 4, Friday we have new mix Electzilla and Sat brand new Just House Vol 3 with allot more in between.

Out Of The Bedroom

First off, big up my boy Smokey and his videos namely SB.TV. He is doing big things, just like i told many he would a good while ago. I first met him when he applied at Uptown for an internship, and out of the 50 odd people who came down Smokey stood out by far. We will be doing a little feature on him soon and even drag him down to do some secret collabs with Ego Thieves. For now subscribe to his Youtube channel and check this video out he has done with overnight internet sensation ‘Don’t Jealous Me‘.

What the weekend? Part One


Every week (well hopefully lol) we will be letting you know what we have gotten up to. Though a week behind atm we will document us, be it out skanking, shopping or just sitting in playing SF4 online we will keep you informed. Last weekend was quite eventful to say the least. Friday Faith SFX, Aktivist and I mission to the depths of East London to meet up with up and coming artists Forte, Lexus and Kosha for a little collaboration. Just before we left Kentish Town station and after Faith had informed me a certain fed was gazing them while they ate their Sams chicken they managed to capture the moment on film.