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Faith SFX Destroys Umeå, Sweden

My familia and long time partner in crime Faith SFX has just posted up a lil video on his Youtube channel (Subscribe bitches!) showcasing an event he did in Umeå Sweden. For all my Bass and Dubstep lovers make sure you check the intro where he teases you with his new Dub/Bass style sounds….! He isn’t one of the Worlds best for no reason, you get me doh! More exclusives and goodies to come from Faith SFX soon trust. Also follow him on Twitter <<

What the weekend? Part One


Every week (well hopefully lol) we will be letting you know what we have gotten up to. Though a week behind atm we will document us, be it out skanking, shopping or just sitting in playing SF4 online we will keep you informed. Last weekend was quite eventful to say the least. Friday Faith SFX, Aktivist and I mission to the depths of East London to meet up with up and coming artists Forte, Lexus and Kosha for a little collaboration. Just before we left Kentish Town station and after Faith had informed me a certain fed was gazing them while they ate their Sams chicken they managed to capture the moment on film.