UK Garage is literally a part of my childhood and foundation as a DJ. I couldn’t even tell you how many hours a day I spent mixing as a young fresh faced 11-year-old wannabe DJ in my bedroom. It was literally the sound of a generation and love it or hate it, you had no choice but to dance to it at once stage during the nasty naughties.

As so many people I knew were entering their dirty thirties, what a better way to celebrate than going back to my roots and putting together a UK Garage mix. It’s not like I needed any excuses to do one!

My good friend Obaro aka Ghostpoet was turning 30 and I decided to dedicate a mix to him as the first of many people I knew that year that were coming of age. I had so much fun putting this mix together, it came so naturally to me that I even decided to do it spread over four decks and really indulge in some of my childhood memories.

I haven’t been to checkout Ghostpoet’s shows of late and something I need to do asap, but I was told not too long ago that he had been using this mix as part of his opener and I couldn’t be more proud of the fact. Big ups to all those who downloaded this one and go and check out Ghostpoet’s brand new album out now.

  1. Shattered – Groove Chronicles
  2. All Night Jam – Zed Bias
  3. Hyperfunk – Antonio
  4. 7 Days (Sunship) – Craig David
  5. 1999 – Groove Chronicles
  6. Huckleberry Feat. Shy Cookie – DJ Luck
  7. Down 4 U (DnD) – Ashanti
  8. 138 Trek – DJ Zinc
  9. Little Man (DJ Q) – Sia
  10. Melody – Master Stepz
  11. God Made Me Phunky – MD X-Spress
  12. Never Gonna Let You Go (Mashup) – Tina Moore
  13. Gabriel – Roy David Jnr
  14. Program – Red Boy G
  15. Flav – Big Bird
  16. Stand And Deliver – Wideboys
  17. Sorry – Monsta Boy
  18. Triplets 2 – Sticky
  19. Sounds Of The Future – Menta
  20. Booo! – Ms Dynamite
  21. Stone Cold – Groove Chronicles
  22. Body Killin (M-Dubs) – Vincent J Alvis
  23. Club Lonely (Dem2) – Groove Connection
  24. What Do You Want (Exemen) – Attica Blues
  25. Wheeze – Fyrus
  26. Little Bit of Luck – DJ Luck & MC Neat
  27. Oh No – So Solid Crew
  28. Feels So Good (EZs Remix) – B-15 Project
  29. Yesterday (X-Men) – Debelah Morgan
  30. Myron – Groove Chronicles


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