I’m not sure what compelled me to want to create a new Dubfluence at time, it had been so long, another year in fact, since I did any mixing at all. I had fallen so far away from DJing and started to believe it simply wasn’t relevant in my life anymore, something that inevitably made me deeply sad. As much as I gave up live DJ’ing quite a while beforehand, the art of putting a mix together, even for myself, was something I have now realised is a literal form of self-therapy to me.

Something inspired me, maybe I was feeling so low I needed the distraction? Maybe it was a combination of amazing tracks at the time that excited me, as even while not doing any DJ’ing, I always keep up with new music. Or maybe I just simply needed the escape? Whatever the reason was, before I knew it, I was deep in the mix and felt like I reconnected with my soul.

One thing I did know, this was to be the last Dubfluence mix I was going to create. The sounds were changing, artists and producers moving on and no matter what direction I was to take in the future, Dubfluence was to come to an organic end.

As this was my final farewell, to a mix that at times, has literally saved my life, I shouted my brother from another JC Adams to jump on the artwork with me. We had to produce something truly special. The result? Am incredible illustration that represented everything we felt encompassed the end of an era. The JC signature Ape, ready to surf the black sand and blue waves out into the sunset, never to be seen again, just forever paddling into the horizon. We designed two posters version of the artwork, a sunset and moonlight edition that we produced as a limited print run that sold out in an instant (thank you!).

The tracklist included some of my all-time favorites, some who are still going strong today and have gone on to huge fame and successes. Artists including Henry Krinkle, Stwo, Sango, Dpat and Klaves, the mix took on a whole new sound but one that still represented all my innermost thoughts and feelings, helping me to escape and cope with the struggles and tribulations I have been battling my entire life.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this mix series, those who would tell me how much the Dubfluence mixes reminded them of good and bad times alike. The number of people who have told me my mixes got them through Uni or their studies, a bad breakup and or a shitty job or simply that lonely late night train ride home, I couldn’t be any more grateful if I tried. Love to all of you who connected with all the amazing music I’ve been so fortunate to discover, letting me share my mixes with you and of course, my brother JC Adams who jumped onboard this crazy journey with me forever trying to keep me sane.

  1. U Lookin – Sam Tiba
  2. K N O W – Stwo
  3. When I Need You the Most – Sango
  4. The Beauty of it all – Tajan
  5. So Fine – Klaves
  6. Stay – Henry Krinkle
  7. No Sleep – Whitesquare
  8. Feel Me – Sweater Beats
  9. Wanna Tell You (Henry Krinkle Remix) – ViLL?GE
  10. No Artificial Colours – Crying Wolf feat. Alex Mills
  11. I Like The Feeling You’re Giving Me – Hrdvsion
  12. Fists Of Ham (Felix Lenferink Remix) – Hackman
  13. Call My Name (Kry Wolf Remix) – Motez
  14. Taking It Back – Andy Jay & S-Tee
  15. Butterflies – Hannah Wants & Jamie George
  16. So High – Hybrid Theory
  17. Leave Me – Taiki & Nulight
  18. What I Like – Klaves
  19. Dekire feat. Oscar Key Sung (Bodhi Remix) – Charles Murdoch
  20. Electrons (Sivey Remix) – Rynsa Man
  21. Don’t Know How – Ifan Dafydd & Catching Flies
  22. Crazy – Seven Wonders
  23. Over – Dpat
  24. Cheated – Pascäal
  25. Lost Time (Occults After Dark Remix) – Nanobyte
  26. Calm Before The Storm – Lam Scape


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