The death of Amy WInehouse, it’s something so many around the world still struggle to comprehend. We all knew it was preventable, we all witnessed it happening in slow motion and yet so many felt utterly powerless to do anything about it. Her struggles with addiction, mental illnesses and the sheer amount of pain and torture she suffered inside her own mind seem to resonate with so many people the world over.

I was lucky enough to see her perform in her very early days at the Roundhouse in Camden, where she was a regular feature and almost everyone I know saw her up and down that high street many a time. She was a fixture of the areas I and my friends grew up in and she represented so much of where we came from and what we were all about. I could go on about her incredible talent, her music that will live on for generations to come or the fact she really did leave us all with a huge gap in our hearts, but we all know all of that already. What I want to talk about is the tribute to her that I was so blessed to be a part of.

As many know, we’re huge fans of Duncan Powell, not just as a producer, but as a person too. I hate the whole ‘he really is a nice guy in the industry’ thing, but honestly, he really is.

He reached out to me to say Amy’s passing had really affected him and he started this project putting together some of his favorite tracks of hers he wanted to remix. He sent me a couple of early drafts and I was blown away! Both myself and JC couldn’t believe how incredible they were and asked what his plans were to release them. That’s when Duncan reposed and asked if we can put the mix out on the site and collaborate? Of course it was a resounding yes, yes and yes!

JC and I got straight to the artwork we felt would do Amy the justice a tribute deserved, while Duncan mixed down his tracks to prepare the final tracklist. Honestly, this is by far one of my proudest moments on Ego Thieves. I just felt everything about this tribute to Amy was beyond anything I could have imagined. I got so many messages and so much feedback from people about their love for the album. As we released it so close to Xmas, it just felt like it had that extra bit of magic and love.

Listening to these tracks late at night on the tube never gets old. I feel like I got to connect to Amy in a whole new way. Love to Duncan, JC and the whole team for such an amazing job.

RIP Miss Winehouse x

  1. Stronger Than Me
  2. You Sent Me Flying / Cherry
  3. Know You Now – 4. Pumps (Interlude)
  4. I Heard Love Is Blind
  5. Moody’s Mood For Love Remix 1/Remix 2/Teo Licks
  6. There is No Greater Love
  7. In My Bed
  8. Take The Box
  9. October Song
  10. What Is It About Men
  11. Help Yourself
  12. Amy Amy Amy
  13. Brother
  14. Mr Magic (Through The Smoke) / Outro
  15. Bonus – Stronger Than Me Stripped Back Remix


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