It had been ten months since I took the time to create the last Dubfluence mix. If I’m honest, because this mix has always been so personal to me, a form of self-therapy, I started to build up a huge anticipation and anxiety when it came creating a new mix.

 I would always have people drop me a message or an email asking when the latest Dubfluence would drop, that the mix series really did connect with so many people. Even though I had never really explained to anyone what the mixes meant to me, or even really understood the depth they had on my own mind, it seemed people felt the same way I did.

So the pressure of putting out a new Dubfluence felt daunting all of a sudden? Maybe it was my depression clouding my mind, causing me to overthink in terribly negative ways? Could I even create a good mix anymore? Would anyone even download it? Why would anyone care about the mixes now when I spent so long in between putting them out? It was really fucking with my head.

I was still battling my demons, still trying to bury my head in the sand and avoid all the hurt and pain inside me. I knew creating new mixes always helped calm me down, help me escape even for just a few hours at a time and the creative process has always been incredibly rewarding to me. I had been absolutely obsessed with Shlohmo’s ‘Vacation EP’ and the sound he created, I mean it took me to a whole other galaxy. I knew that was the sound, that was my starting point and entry into creating Dubfluence 7.

Life was full of ups and downs and as much as I had my internal struggles, so much was starting to go right for me outside of all my pain too, it was an odd time. I wanted the mix to reflect both the sadness I carried all these years but also the warmth and happiness I had felt at times and was working so hard to achieve.

With tracks from Fantasic Mr Fox, Cyril Hahn, Synkro and of course ending on some Burial to bring me back down to earth, this mix is one I still play at least a few times a year when I need to be transported away from myself.

  1. Box – Kempa
  2. Shadows  – Walter Ego
  3. Mirrors – Jhené Aiko
  4. Can’t Spend The Day Without You – Enigma Dubz
  5. On My Head – Kempa
  6. The Way U Do – Shlohmo
  7. I Love… That You Know – Disclosure
  8. Why Don’t You – Synkro
  9. No More Sunshine – Toyboy & Robin
  10. Pascals Chorus – Fantastic Mr Fox
  11. Notice You – Fion
  12. Bax – Mosca
  13. What Must I Do – Enigma Dubz
  14. Manchu – Wookie
  15. I Can Tell You – DEiGNATED
  16. Cube & Puzzle – Werkha
  17. Cry Wolf – B-JU
  18. Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Destinys Child
  19. Lion (Jame xx Remix) – Four Tet
  20. Rough Sleeper – Burial


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