By the time I created Dubfluencial 8, it had become one of the most popular Dubstep mix series I think ever? DJ’s and producers would put out incredible mixes, but back in 2009 there weren’t many doing what we were at Ego Thieves HQ.

Each mix was always a huge challenge for me, how to up the levels? What tracks to select? And the artwork, well, that was as important to me as the final track-list. I started working with my brother from another, illustrator extraordinaire, JC Adams. We started to collaborate on several pieces of art together and this will forever be one of my favorites.

During that period of my life, I was still in a deeply dark place and had an obsession with death, time and space. I couldn’t help but feel how little time we all have, how expensive and infinite the universe is and that grief was something I have never processed before.

So deep in my own feelings, I decided to theme the whole mix around the sounds of death, time and space. This resulted in lot’s of airy, wobbly and sublow tracks that could easily drift off into space. It included tracks from Breakage, Borgore, Bar9 and so many more.

To reflect my bleak mood and feelings, I ended the mix with a remix of an Untold track from a then pretty unknown producer, James Blake. I was sent the promo track from the man himself and knew instantly it captured something new and quite simply, special. It was a sound that had an instant grip on me, I couldn’t explain what I was hearing and feeling.  I emailed back and asked for every track available to be sent over asap.

This mix was, and is very personal to me for so many reasons. Everything from the timing, the selection and the incredible artwork myself and JC created, I couldn’t be more proud of the final result and what a way to close such a turbulent and quite frankly, horrific year for me personally.

  1. Hex – Riskotheque & Atman
  2. You Stupid Cunt – Ollie (Bare Noize Remix)
  3. Ransom – Zero G
  4. Kick In The Floor – Slack
  5. Air Raid – Flux Pavilion & Doctor P
  6. Hard – Breakage ft Newham Generals – Hard (Caspa & The Others Takeover Mix)
  7. Incognito – 501
  8. R0807 D06 – Cookie Monsta [EXCLUSIVE]
  9. Jewel Thief – Sukh Knight
  10. 20 Red – Taz Buckfaster
  11. Only One – Toast
  12. Insanity – 501
  13. The Bitter Orchestra Girl – Borgore (EXCLUSIVE)
  14. Painkillers – Brown And Gammon Feat Flux Pavilion
  15. Ruffneck 09 – Navigator – Excision & Datsik Remix
  16. Seven Figure Swagger – Foreign Beggars (Bar9 Remix)
  17. FroggyStyle – The Widdler
  18. Kaliyuga – Engine Earz
  19. Badman Sound – Doctor P
  20. Higher -Mindelixir Feat. Bree Sharp
  21. Seconds – Butter Fingers
  22. Stop What Youre Doing – Untold (James Blake Remix)