Released on 16th of May 2009, Dubfluencial 3 ‘The Dubfighter Edition’ was all about the bass. As shocking as it was to me, the website I created started to pick up some traction. People were visiting for the news articles promoting the latest tracks, videos and randomly, gaming news lol.

But once they discovered some self hosted exclusive mixes, they were downloading them. I was using Megaupload and Sendspace at the time to host everything and because they started to become popular, my mixes were being taken down. It was an endless battle to say the least but back then I knew nothing about having my own hosted server, so had to preserve and learn as I go.

It was the height of Street Fighter 4 and me and my boys always envisioned Dubstep to be the unofficial soundtrack to the game. With an exclusive Street Fighter-themed intro by Tek Step, classic wobbles from Kromestar and Jakes for that final boss sound, Capcom would have been proud. Actually they probably wouldn’t lol.

  1. Street Fighter – Tek Step [Exclusive]
  2. Angel Step – Jackal & Cheshire
  3. Meddle – Little Boots [Ebola Remix]
  4. Hip Hop – Rusko
  5. Easger Stunn – Morder Myder Moder Dem
  6. The Cyberman – Magnetic Men
  7. Swagga – F1 [Kromestar Remix]
  8. Burning Dub – 6blocc
  9. Cybertron – Hatcha & Kromestar
  10. Woo Boost – Rusko
  11. Wheres My Money – Caspa [Manaia Remix]
  12. Raven – Proxy [Les Petits Pilous Remix]
  13. Under The Dancing Feet – Clouds [Tes La Rok Remix]
  14. Yorkshire Pudding – lil Bill Bachelor & B.U.N.
  15. Jakes – Rock The Bells
  16. Samurai – Marco Del Horno [Safe Sex Remix]
  17. Tarantula – Kutz
  18. In For The Kill – La Roux [Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix]