I have no idea how I actually met Borgore, way before his now epic status of bonafide superstar. I remember being sent his promo EP he had just put out and was told from a few friends he was crashing on their sofas here in the UK doing gigs for very little to no money at all. The EP was incredible, I took an immediate shine to the boy from Israel and soon enough we had each other on AIM and quickly became good friends. It wasn’t often I found someone who shared my love of filthy bass and classical music at the same time lol.

He told me he was preparing a new mix, something you had to do back then to really get the attention of the big promoters. He sent me an early draft to listen to and I told him it was incredible and knew it was a game changer. He asked if we could put it out on Ego Thieves and we both agreed it would be perfect, since at the time the site was by far one of the most popular blogs online.

He sent me an illustration of himself he had commissioned and I created the final artwork for the mix. The day we launched, I sent out a huge mailing list shot and our server really struggled to cope with a number of hits we were getting. I think the mix had over 20,000 in the first 24 hours.

People were losing their minds and for good reason. Borgore had a love him or hate him affect on people, but either way, there was no way you could ignore him. After that mix dropped, he released a few tracks and things just began to skyrocket for Borgore. The mix on Ego Thieves alone has gone on to hit well over 400k downloads, and I still get emails on a near daily basis talking about how much people still love it.

I couldn’t be more proud of our collaboration and the impact we created on the scene and even more proud of what he has gone on to achieve to date. He genuinely is one of the nicest guys around, stupidly talented and I’m always keeping an eye on what projects he is working on next.

Little fun fact, JC and I, also created the branding and design for his Buygore record label too.

Big love to Borgore and the whole Borger family <3

  1. Ambient Dub Shit – Borgore
  2. No Love – Jelly bass and brother culture (Borgore and Jazzsteppa Remix)
  3. Rub A Dubstep – Borgore Feat Ranking Levy
  4. Ice Cream – Borgore
  5. Borgore Ina Trouble – Borgore
  6. Act Like A Ho – Borgore
  7. Mamas Boy – Borgore
  8. Go To Bed V.I.P – Borgore
  9. Birthday And The Black November – Borgore
  10. Shamen – Borgore & Jazzsteppa
  11. One Step Ahead – Borgore
  12. The Bitter Orchestral Girl – Borgore
  13. Guided Relaxation Dub – Borgore
  14. Perversion – Borgore
  15. Love – Borgore
  16. Foes V.I.P – Borgore
  17. Wooboost – Rusko (Borgore Remix)
  18. Womanizer – Borgore Remix
  19. Money – Borgore
  20. Saturday Night – Borgore
  21. My Favorite Tingz – Borgore


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