There must have been something in the water in Tel Aviv because as if Borgore wasn’t already putting Israel on the map of filth, along came Tomba with a whole new level of nasty drops.

After already making a name for himself dropping tracks such as Choke On Coke (VIP) showcasing the sound of Gorestep, he shouted me to talk about putting out a dedicated mix on the site and of course I jumped at the chance. While Tomba put together his tracklist and started laying down the mix, I started on the artwork and decided that Tomba and Ego Thieves needed to create our very own bass zombie with gold chain included.

The mix was fire and the love it got was second to none! It went on to light up pre-party dorm rooms all around the world and give Tomba a quick YouTube and you will see the love he still get’s today. Tomba retired from music and joined the family architecture business but I have no doubt one day soon the bass bug will come back to haunt him. Love to Tomba and the whole fam <3

  1. Tomba – Symphony 666
  2. Datsik – Galvanize
  3. Borgore – Birthday and the Black November
  4. Tomba – Smoking Killz
  5. Tomba – Jaws
  6. Tomba – Evol
  7. Point.Blank – Single Drop
  8. Tomba – Hebrew Hammer
  9. Tomba – Disturbed
  10. Da VIP – Ignition ( Bare Noize Remix )
  11. Tomba – Before I wake
  12. Tomba ft Shay – Globlin
  13. Borgore and Tomba – Kinder Surprise VIP
  14. Downlink – Ghost ( Bukez Finezt Remix )
  15. Tomba ft OTG and Sharon – Come out and Play
  16. Widelows – Worms ( Blobby VIP )
  17. Borgore – Nympho
  18. Devnik – Five Point ( Tomba Remix )