Released on 1st June 2009, Dubfluencial 4 ‘Bass Origins’ was an homage to my love for all things Marvel and X-Men related.

As an avid card collector (yup, I’m a total Urban Nerd, the kind who collected but still rolls deep lol), we all know that anything Marvel related, theres always an origin story. I decided this mix should be about introducing some fresh new talent in the hopes my mixes would be a part of their origin stories.

With early tracks from now legends Borgore, The Widdler, and Datsik, I think it’s safe to say (ego fully intended) my evil plan all came to fruition. It was the first time so many people I knew had heard anything like it, they never knew these artists existed and it seemed so many online had on idea either. Dubfluencial was really starting to take shape and all of a sudden I was getting downloads in the thousands.

My friends and family must have gotten bored of my consistently showing them traffic and download stats on a near hourly basis, but I just couldn’t believe what was starting to happen.

  1. Classical – Dub & Run
  2. Godzilla – Egyptrixx
  3. Trouble – Toast
  4. Mr.Brown – Tek Step
  5. Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) – Kid Sister
  6. Jayou – Crack Hands
  7. Night Vision (Skream Rmx) – Distance
  8. Havoc – Datsik
  9. Hella – DZ
  10. Sunday Morning – Borgore
  11. Policemen Get Hype – Stagga
  12. 501 – Mind_Control
  13. Do It – Joker
  14. 6Points – Kromestar
  15. Sometimes I Still Miss Her (original mix) – Charli
  16. Jersey Devil – The Widdler
  17. Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix) – Illgates
  18. Pirate – Illoom, Surpass, Ylem
  19. I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5 & Kaskade
  20. It Was Written – Damian Marley – Chasing Shadows