This mix was released on 21st April 2009, way back when Dubstep was just starting to really take shape and introduce some of the harder sounds to the world.

It was the very first time I decided to really challenge myself, could I really make the impact on the world I’ve always felt I had roaring inside me? Could I learn a new set of skills that I felt I lost out in by not attending university? Could I design? Code? Mix and market my own brand? This was my first step into the world of self belief, even if it was just focused on a creative outlet.

With exclusives from our own productions dubbed ‘E.T.’, big classics from Grime producer Wonder and of course big bass anthems from the originators Benga & Skream, this mix will forever be a personal favorite of mine.

Oh and that sexy face on the cover is my sexy brother from another, Vijay, a picture I shot randomly at a Stussy launch event in London a few weeks beforehand.

  1. E.T. Productions – Dodge This [EXCLUSIVE]
  2. Wonder – What
  3. Norrisman – Big Long Gun
  4. Supercat – Ghetto 119 Remix
  5. RSD – Remix Firewall (Dub)
  6. B.U.N – Choppa
  7. Deep Water – Mungo’s Hi-Fi
  8. Chase & Status – Eastern Jam VIP Remix
  9. Suspicious Stench – Putrid Creature
  10. Silencer – World War 4
  11. Benga & Skream – Walking Bass
  12. Jakes & Joker – 3k Lane VIP Remix
  13. Liquid Wicked – Banned Bounce
  14. The Spit Brothers – Roll & Tumble
  15. Monsta – Got The Love