Dubfluence 4 - Mixed By Jenai



It was the end of summer 2010 and my life was changing rapidly in so many different ways. Alongside DJ’ing and music, I was focusing hard on building my design studio and taking my love life seriously for the first time ever. As Dubfluence is my most personal mix series to date, showcasing and representing my moods, insecurities, and mindsets, this mix came at a time of great uncertainty and severe challenges.

This series also helped reflect some of my new found zest for life and I began to discover, something positive was growing inside me, even if it was sitting on top of a huge array of inner demons and suffering.

This mix is a combination of that somber dullness I’ve carried around with me my entire life but it also came with bursts and injections of light that I had started to feel. With tracks from Mount Kimbie, Kyle Hall, and Silkie, I was starting to feel the good vibes seep out of the darkness but of course, everything always came crashing back down earth when I dropped both ‘Ticking Clocks’ from Faib and ‘Prophecy’, one of the greatest collaborations between El-B and Burial.

Things were changing, for the good but still always clouded in the bad, but change is inevitable no matter how hard you resist it and Dubfluence Volume 4 really represented the battles I have always faced on a daily basis.

  1. Tongue (Phaeleh Remix) – MaJiKer
  2. Ruby – Mount Kimbie
  3. Long Gone – The Widdler
  4. Tru Da City – Kashii
  5. You Know How I Feel – Kyle Hall
  6. Let Me Be – Jackal Youth
  7. Purple Love – Silkie
  8. Putney Says – DJG & XI
  9. Tripped (Synkro Remix) – Dfrnt
  10. Light – XI
  11. Left Behind – Hosta [Exclusive]
  12. Cheki – Phaeleh
  13. Ticking Clocks – Faib
  14. Prophecy – EL-B vs Burial