DJ IQ – Christmas Lights [Exclusive]

An Exclusive mix from my boy DJ IQ for this festive season, Christmas Lights. Its all the cuts that didn’t make the final version of Flashing Lights CD you can nab here or watch the ad for it which we posted a few weeks back. Its well worth the purchase just like this mix is well worth the download! Don’t expect any jingling bells or Ho Ho Ho’s, but do expect some Hudson Mohawke, Ludacris, Starky and much more. A perfect blend of Electronica, Hip Hop and abstract beats you will love but won’t be able to categorize which is exactly why this is our official Christmas present to you all.

DJ Cable x Rock The Dub – Fuck Thugstep! Vol 1

Ego Thieves teamed up with our boy DJ Cable (click for his other mixes) and Rock The Dub to bring you something new and forever controversial. Thugstep is real, its here to stay and it can Fuck Right Off! With Dubstep/Grime/Hip Hop hybrid exclusives from the likes of Boy Better Know, Tempa T, Inja, Skinny Man, Dem Franchise Boyz and exclusive DJ Nappy refixes this is another must download. Dare to try something different. If you like your bass hard and your lyrics gully then look no further. Next year I’m sure there will be some more hybrid tunes to hit the scene, whether you love it or hate it there’s nothing you can do to escape it. This isn’t about Dubstep, its about getting nasty in the club.

Mixes Reupped Part One

Its been a crazy first week of relaunch. Just a quick note to all who downloaded and signed up, big ups to all of you and trust we appreciate your support. Ive had allot of emails an contacts asking for a few reups of older mixes and broken links. This was all due to the Ministry Of Sound madness that happened but now we have reupped all the back catalog. So no more MediaFire (for now lol), you can download them all direct and fast using our private server. We know theres still a few outstanding but we will get them up as soon as possible. Any problems leave a comment will sort it =]

Guest Mix 005 – DJ Jinty

We have been around now for coming up to 7 months. Not only have we managed to establish ourselves within a fikkle industry we have shone above most due to the vast amounts of work that goes into Ego Thieves everyday. But we have not forgotten where we come from. We started off like every other DJ, in your bedroom practicing for best part of the day and spending every last penny on tracks as well as trying to get yourself out there. Well now we are going to give back to those who put in the work and give you and your mixes some exposure.

Newham Generals Get Harder!

This tune dropped on my email a few months or so ago and since i got it on promo i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Perfect mix of Dubstep and Grime produced by Breakage and the best Grime duo probably of all time… D Double & Footsie. Track is just as the title says. Here is a lii video of them performing the track live and a mini interview with Breakage. Also you can now buy this track here for just £0.70p which is cheap as chips… well actually its cheaper.