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DJ Cable x Rock The Dub – Fuck Thugstep! Vol 1

Ego Thieves teamed up with our boy <a href="" target="_blank">DJ Cable</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">click for his other mixes</a>) and <a href="" target="_blank">Rock The Dub</a> to bring you something new and forever controversial. Thugstep is real, its here to stay and it can Fuck Right Off! With Dubstep/Grime/Hip Hop hybrid exclusives from the likes of Boy Better Know, Tempa T, Inja, Skinny Man, Dem Franchise Boyz and exclusive <a href="" target="_blank">DJ Nappy</a> refixes this is another must download. Dare to try something different. If you like your bass hard and your lyrics gully then look no further. Next year I'm sure there will be some more hybrid tunes to hit the scene, whether you love it or hate it there's nothing you can do to escape it. This isn't about Dubstep, its about getting nasty in the club. Visit <a href="" target="_blank">Rock The Dub</a>, DJ Cable on his <a href="" target="_blank">Blog</a> // <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>. Watch out for more collabs from the team coming to you in the new year. Upping the levels is what we do, if you didn't already know this... Shat up!

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DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol 2

Ego Thieves is really picking up at a lightspeed pace! I get more and more emails everyday telling us how much they love our content, wish we did more and can we post up this and that. We are very fussy who we expose on...

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Quick update

Yo all, First of, big up the many visitors who returned waiting for the new site to be back up along with the many emails, comments and twitters telling us how much they love the new look layout. Secondly, welcome to all the new faces and people who have joined up. Im sure allot of you were silent downloaders lol but are now taking advantage of getting in early to sign up and download the mixes before the general public do. Amazing feed back also on the new mixes and of course lots of love for the Borgore exclusive. This week watch out for the new Dubfluencial its going to be packed! As well as a special Dubplate mix from my boy DJ Drama and DMC DJ supreme DJ Cable will be dropping us another exclusive mix, this time doing something special. And if that wasn't enough..! We have a special competition rolling out at the weekend for members only which will be open to my UK family and our cousins across the pond over in the US. Two more quick announcements is we are now iPhone compatible...! Which means if you visit us using your iPhone or mobile device you will get a simplified version which will load nice and quickly and perfect for small screens. We will be updating and modding it accordingly.

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