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Subzee-D – Zulu Mask Mix [Exclusive]

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer, what ever country your reading this from. We have been working very hard on the backend of Ego Thieves. New code, new plugins, new web designs, new layouts and most important new music. We will be pumping out a huge amount of our own mixes, alongside a range of selected exclusive guest mixes. We the season off with a huge mix from Dub Police latest signing Subzee-D.

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Benga – Stop Watching

Big bad Benga has officially been worked over by Digital Soundboy into a mash up video for Youtube. We all know this is quite common and a new art form. Were you have a classic track worked into a bunch of random video clips all in perfect sync. Digital Soundboy is becoming a fav of mine. This video included clips from classic Hip Hop videos such as ‘Breathe & Stop’ and even movie clips from the likes of Saturday Night Fever lol! See how many you can name or spot.

POP! Goes Dubfluencial – Drink The Bass!

Now im very sure this mix will cause some controversy  amongst the whats ‘Dubstep’ whats not ‘Dubstep’ debate. Its just a one off special called POP! Goes Dubfluencial which focuses on some of the more commercial tracks that have had the ‘Dubstep/Bass’ make over. Some consider these tunes to cheapen the true roots and sounds of Dubstep. Whats yours?. I love Dubstep not, just because its all about hard bass etc but the fact its turned into something no other Genre has managed to really do. Your allowed, with or without scrutiny to produce what you want and still have the same audiences appreciation.