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Mash Sessions | Ape X Ego Thieves

A few words from fellow Ego Thief you may not know of yet, Mr Jc Adams

‘A breath of fresh air in the form of art, fashion and music. A diverse range of music and an introduction to the current and future works of Ego Thieves Jenai & Excel – A stand for innovation and belief in the absence of egotism. An opportunity to meet like-minded strivers and adepts. A showcase of what the Inspired mind of Jc Adams can concieve – A sneak peak into the archives of APE. Some laughter, a dance, a smile or two.’

FlowNerds Invade Wholesome x Trapstar

Please don’t ask where have I been or what is going on etc. Life is not easy, never will be, but I fight for happiness and success and lets just say I have a whole new lease of life. If you thought I made an impact before, trust me nah blurd clarts you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Right now its about the younger side of Ego Thieves (Younger but still legal ya hurd). You should know who FlowNerds are by now. If you don’t then click here. We have huge plans for this year, a tiny bit delayed but they are in full effect.

An Interview With :: Ape Apparel

Here it is! Our first and long awaited video interview, please note we are in Beta Mode. Bare with us as we mould out our concept. The camera used was not the best (Note: iMac Camera did a good job for what it is!) but we have gone for a more face on and intimate angle taking you away from the classic and boring cut to face shots. Expect more to come from our interviews including features such as; Competitions and gifts from every interview,  HD Quality Video of course,  PSP/iPhone downloadable videos including unseen footage & outakes.

Kanji Kohanda @ Selfridges 30th May!

Im an avid art fanatic,  especially Japanese/Anime/Pop art. So to find out that the genius known as Kanji Kohanda and renound Evisu paint writer will be making an at Selfridges in Oxford Street to customize your pair of Evisu Jeans (purchased on the day of course!) on May 30th from 12-6pm on Floor 1 in mensware, Evisu Section is uber exciting. We will be sending a few goons to grab a few pics.