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Here it is! Our first and long awaited video interview, please note we are in Beta Mode. Bare with us as we mould out our concept. The camera used was not the best (Note: iMac Camera did a good job for what it is!) but we have gone for a more face on and intimate angle taking you away from the classic and boring cut to face shots. Expect more to come from our interviews including features such as; Competitions and gifts from every interview,  HD Quality Video of course,  PSP/iPhone downloadable videos including unseen footage & outakes.

This first interview is with the original Monkey man himself Jc Adams from Ape Apparel. Interviews by our little brother Ade from Flow Nerds. We caught up with him to find out whats new and what he is all about. Watch out for some exclusive news and collaborations on an Ape with an Ego!

Check out the amazing tees and designs:

ape apparel 1ape apparel 2ape apparel 3ape apparel soon come

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  • Natty
    July 22, 2009 8:16 pm

    Nice, I love those T’s man! get paid next week though :/


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