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Just House Vol 2 – Switched On Edition

Quickly before you download, a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded, re blogged and given amazing feedback to all our mixes and podcasts we love you all 🙂

Here’s another home grown podcast for all you Thieving Ego’s on this very sunny and beautiful Saturday. We hope you aren’t spending this day indoors, go catch the sunshine while you still can as you never know could be snowing by Monday. But while you are out in the sun grab this Deep House mix with a very special guest DJ Switch representing Switched On Productions. This mix is full of exclusive tracks from Deep Teknologi and lots of intense, sensual vibes. Remember Ego Thieves are bring you Just House, which means every type of House there is. Big up Switch and my Ego Thieves team.

Dubfluencial 3 – The Dubfighter Edition

Dubfluencial 3 is out to download now. This is quite obviously a special Street Fighter influenced edition namely ‘Dubfighter’. With a Street Fighter 4 Dubstep track that should of been featured on the game itself. Mixed by Ego Thieves very own Jenai, there is close to 20 tracks all squeezed into a perfect 40 min blend and of course all in 320kbps and nothing less. Also dropping some Glitch and a slice of Electro to spice things up a bit. Dubfluencial 2 was downloaded over x1000 times and has received immense praise. This one is bigger and better and will straight Raging Demon your face off, so don’t miss out. For more info or booking details visit our contact page.

Just House Vol 1 – Future Funk Edition

Brand new and exclusive to Ego Thieves and mixed by myself, Jenai from the Ego Thieves DJ Team. A brand new monthly podcast series bringing you the latest House in all its shapes and forms. This first volume brings you the best in whats hot at the moment, from ‘Funky’ to ‘UK’ and ‘Deep House’. This volume is also associated with Future Funk and Natural Essence Media. Next event will be in April, details and flyer follow shortly. Watch out for the podcast’s schedules and make sure you register and join our RSS feed to stay up to date.

Ego Thieves Has The Power


Well Excel from Ego Thieves does anyway. Please avert your gaze from the beauty that is the Official Street Fighter 4 Tournament Arcade Stick. Even if you wanted to buy one of these beauties, you would be very hard done by. Those that have been able to land one on a super pre order have either had theirs delayed or like Excel doesn’t even want to take it out of the box. Now there are a few selling them on Ebay so Ive been told, and a swish search finds this result. Excel will, well maybe, report back on how it feels and if it was worth the many Queens heads it cost. For now check the exclusive pics, and oh yeah Jehrome i dun know your jealous 😉