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Intelligent Hooldum 4 – A Tubby T Tribute

Another mix, yet this one has allot more depth than most. Its dedicated to my boy and legend Mr Tubby T who sadly died last year. I could go into how he died, how its been over a year yet only feels like yest… but that’s not for now. Instead i decided to do what i do best and put together a tracklist of tunes dedicated to him that i know he loved and of course included his classic track ‘Tales Of The Hood’. Which today, still stands strong and has the best message Ive heard a UK artist spit in a very long time.

Dubfluencial 6 – Summer Full Of Sub

[wp_announce_marquee]Well if your counting this is technically episode 7, but thats only for the hardcore followers which there seems to be allot considering we have hit over 100k downloads! Thanks to all for the amazing emails and shows of love for all the mixes. Here is the latest edition of Dublfuencial. Bass? Check. Sub? Check. 320 kbps? Check. Its now become a standard and we have not disappointed you.

This is full of hard summer bass to help make this summer a memorable one. Whether your on holiday, at the beach or hitting the park (Well when the sun wants to even show its yellow bastard face!) this mix will quench your thirst for Bass.

Michael Jackson – A Tribute [Part One]

Here is part one to our tribute to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. Ten of our fav tracks chosen by the team and blended as best i can (MJ Tracks just where not made to be DJ’d lol) in a 30 min mix. This part is our ‘Club’ tribute, bringing you all the bangers that we would want to hear on a night out and get our Moonwalk on. Still cant believe he is gone, very sad but this is how we choose to remember him. Not for his politics, just simply for his music. Once a legend always a legend.

Just House Vol 3 – Mixed By Jenai

It really is crazy times! Dubfluencial 4 has already had over 3’500 downloads! Thank you all.

A little late, but better than never, here is Just House Vol 3. Focusing on the UK and the UK House or UK Funky House (thats allot of UK’s <<) or what ever you want to call it. Donaeo, Hardhouse Banton, Geeneus and lots more to keep you skankin and all without a Head, Sholders, Knees or Toe in sight. Make sure you support the cause and buy ‘This Is UK Funky Vol 1’ mixed by Crazy Couzins.

Dubfluencial V – An Ego Fantasy

[wp_announce_marquee]I just cant believe we are onto Vol 5 already! With over 20k downloads combined (thats a loose estimate too!), DJs and Producers all singing its praise and emails nearly every day demanding i get back to DJing its all very overwhelming. Thanks to all and watch this space… 😉

Vol 5 or V if you know your Roman Numerals, is of course paying homage to one of the greatest game series of all time Final Fantasy. Myself and most at Ego Thieves are HUGE fans! With Advent Children coming to Blue Ray, a Final 13 Demo out and news that Final 7 will be added to the PSN store very soon it was only right to create a cover to suit. With a special intro I’m sure many fans will recognise its not to be missed. I also believe that if Dubstep existed in the world of Final Fantasy, Midgar would be skanking out to hard bass until the Turks came home.

Dubfluencial 4 – Bass Origins

Dubfluencial 4 is finally here. Firstly, I’m sorry for the week delay but its been a hard, long and tedious few weeks as well as fun, busy and exciting. This edition quite obviously paying accolade to one of the best comic book characters ever… Wolverine. With the new movie out this weekend  we thought it only right that he grace our front cover. This mix is also packed full of hard slashing beats (see what i did there? jokes alie…) ready to cut up your face, with bass of course. Featuring Rusko, Skream, Tek Step, Joker, Kromestar, Caspa, Jayou and more, this is not to be missed. Watch out for 4.5 coming this weekend 😉