Urban Nerds Retrospective – Newham Generals

So we are nearing the end of another decade. Which i find so crazy as it only feels like it was 1999 just the other day. Its been such an amazing, fantastic, horrible and crazy ten years i could ever imagine. Through out the year i will bringing you my Retrospective of what has molded my creative influences through out the decade. From Music, Gaming, Fashion, Film and everything else in between.

For starters i bring you an Urban Nerds Retrospective. Urban Nerds is a pride and joy and to have watched it grown into what it has today im happy to to say i was there and part of the family. I have lots of content which allot will remain private but i have some here to share with all of you. First up is prob the best Grime act of all time, Newham Generals. They performed in June 2008 at prob the best Urban Nerds venue 93 Feet East. It was the first time Urban Nerds hosted the DMC Heats for London. This cause some problems with the set up as its allot more complicated than people think. But Tubby isnt one of the best DJs for no reason and the show went on. The first to introduce the Dubstep sound and to this day D Double E and Footsie are the only two MCs i will ever listen to spit over Dubstep and agree they make it sound just that much better.

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