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Urban Nerds Retrospective – Newham Generals

So we are nearing the end of another decade. Which i find so crazy as it only feels like it was 1999 just the other day. Its been such an amazing, fantastic, horrible and crazy ten years i could ever imagine. Through out the year i will bringing you my Retrospective of what has molded my creative influences through out the decade. From Music, Gaming, Fashion, Film and everything else in between.

Newham Generals Get Harder!

This tune dropped on my email a few months or so ago and since i got it on promo i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Perfect mix of Dubstep and Grime produced by Breakage and the best Grime duo probably of all time… D Double & Footsie. Track is just as the title says. Here is a lii video of them performing the track live and a mini interview with Breakage. Also you can now buy this track here for just £0.70p which is cheap as chips… well actually its cheaper.