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Guest Mix 005 – DJ Jinty

We have been around now for coming up to 7 months. Not only have we managed to establish ourselves within a fikkle industry we have shone above most due to the vast amounts of work that goes into Ego Thieves everyday. But we have not forgotten where we come from. We started off like every other DJ, in your bedroom practicing for best part of the day and spending every last penny on tracks as well as trying to get yourself out there. Well now we are going to give back to those who put in the work and give you and your mixes some exposure.

Guest Mix 003 – DJ Score Five

This is one of my fav mix series we have on EgoThieves. All the DJs are hand picked and we don’t just take any old mix. This is the third installment bought to you by another Rinse FM star DJ Score Five. Funky House, Grime and Bassline. This is a 30 min stomper of riddems! No track list on this one but trust me its bad and i know its nothing on what he can really do.

Guest Mix 001 – DJ Dappa

This is the first in a small series of podcast’s from Ego Thieves showcasing some of the best DJ’s we love. First to launch the series is none other than DJ Dappa from Rinse FM & Uptown Records. Dappa has dropped us an exclusive House mix including tracks from Nick Holder, Todd Terry, Flowriders, Jon Cutler and many more. Its a blend of Deep & Soulful sounds and would do any iPod justice on these summer days which are slowly creeping through.