Guest Mix 005 – DJ Jinty

We have been around now for coming up to 7 months. Not only have we managed to establish ourselves within a fikkle industry we have shone above most due to the vast amounts of work that goes into Ego Thieves everyday. But we have not forgotten where we come from. We started off like every other DJ, in your bedroom practicing for best part of the day and spending every last penny on tracks as well as trying to get yourself out there. Well now we are going to give back to those who put in the work and give you and your mixes some exposure.

Our guest mixes have been for pretty much established DJs, but since then ive decided to give this section to the up and comers and give the established DJs and Producers more of a custom limelight just as we have Borgores latest mix. So from now on the guest mix section is open to anyone and any genre. We are just looking for fresh, exciting and well put together mixes. Do what ever you like theres no limits..! Hit our contact page if your interested and tell us about you. Remember to give these DJs a chance it costs you nothing & we will only put up mixes we enjoy & those who get creative.

First of in our new Guest Mix section is a young DJ hailing all the up in those breathable lands of Glasgow, Soctland. Only 17 years old but already has 3 years mixing under his belt and started playing Jungle believe it or not..! He has thrown together a Dubstep mix for us showcasing his mixing skills and track selection. He also runs his own radio show every week called ‘Gutter Riddim’ where he plays the latest in Dubstep, Grime, UK Funky, Wonky and some Hip Hop. You can subscribe and follow his show here on Mixcloud.


01 – Rise Of The Idiots – Skism
02 – Calypso – Excision & Datsik
03 – Thats That – Flux Pavilion
04 – Ketamine Ocean – Druley
05 – Game Over – Datsik & Flux Pavilion
06 – Terror Dome – Vaski
07 – It Was You – Level 67
08 – Kinder Suprize- Borgore
09 – Ginger Pubes – Cookie Monsta
10 – Stagga – Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP)
11 – Flying Fox – Wartech
12 – Safe Or Sorry – Vaski


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  • jinty
    December 3, 2009 12:21 am

    hey guys, hope you enjoy the mix!
    you can tune into gutter riddim radio for weekly mixes, theres a new show posted every sunday @

    if you wonna get in touch –


  • stewling
    December 3, 2009 2:43 pm

    Liking this mix a lot!
    Checking out some of the mixes on your mixcloud now!

    BTW Mixcloud “Soundcloud” link above the cover dont work 🙂

  • George Finch
    February 2, 2010 10:13 pm

    this mix is ach sick

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