Dubfluencial 3 – The Dubfighter Edition

Dubfluencial 3 is out to download now. This is quite obviously a special Street Fighter influenced edition namely ‘Dubfighter’. With a Street Fighter 4 Dubstep track that should of been featured on the game itself. Mixed by Ego Thieves very own Jenai, there is close to 20 tracks all squeezed into a perfect 40 min blend and of course all in 320kbps and nothing less. Also dropping some Glitch and a slice of Electro to spice things up a bit. Dubfluencial 2 was downloaded over x1000 times and has received immense praise. This one is bigger and better and will straight Raging Demon your face off, so don’t miss out. For more info or booking details visit our contact page.


1. Street Fighter – Tek Step [Exclusive]
2. Angel Step – Jackal & Cheshire
3. Meddle – Little Boots [Ebola Remix]
4. Hip Hop – Rusko
5. Easger Stunn – Morder Myder Moder Dem
6. The Cyberman – Magnetic Men
7. Swagga – F1 [Kromestar Remix]
8. Burning Dub – 6blocc
9. Cybertron – Hatcha & Kromestar
10. Woo Boost – Rusko
11. Wheres My Money – Caspa [Manaia Remix]
12. Raven – Proxy [Les Petits Pilous Remix]
13. Under The Dancing Feet – Clouds [Tes La Rok Remix]
14. Yorkshire Pudding – lil Bill Bachelor & B.U.N.
15. Jakes – Rock The Bells
16. Samurai – Marco Del Horno [Safe Sex Remix]
17. Tarantula – Kutz
18. In For The Kill – La Roux [Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix]

Comments: 3

  • Jehrome
    March 16, 2009 8:19 pm

    mix is hardddd!! goin straight on the ps3 and ipod!

  • Muckz
    March 18, 2009 1:25 am

    too fuckin sick!.. tes la rok mix kills it!

    moyyyderr gonna myderrr dem!! x

  • Luis Benitez Ruiz
    March 19, 2010 12:13 pm


    could someone help me with original song on the track “hip hop” (or who is rapping)

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