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Jenailution – Todd Edwards

TheĀ legendĀ and god that is Todd. Nearly every artist and producer I know have nothing but great things to say about one of the pioneers in Dance music, Todd Edwards. From UK Garage to Daft Punk, Todd has had his fingers in many a pie. One of my all time favorite producers, he has created his individual sound that so many have tried to mimic, yet failed. Chopped up samples, cut up vocals along side bouncy bassline and soulful chords… you cant go wrong. This is part one, more to follow.

Todd Edwards Treehouse Mix 2009

There are only a handful of people i sincerely admire in music. Quincy Jones, Gordy Berry, J Dilla and more… but in that list is also this astrude dude from deep in the US mainland, Todd Edwards. I was lucky enough to want to DJ at such a young age (11 in fact) and around that time you either mixed Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle or this new odd sound known as House & Garage. Then it was more or less US Garage as the UK just started to take inspiration and add its own twist. Long story short, Todd Edwards is one of the founding fathers of 4×4 House.